Feature Films

"Secret Society of Souptown"

Estonia-Finland, 2015, family adventure film

Director: Margus Paju
DOP: Meelis Veeremets
Production designer: Jaagup Roomet, Kaisa Mäkinen
Producers: Esko Rips, Diana Mikita


1. Zurich Film Festival - Audience Award
Schlingel Film Festival - Audience Award
International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! - Special Award
IFF Juniorfest (The International Film Festival for Children and Youth) - The Main festival prize

Secret Society of Souptown is the story of Mari, a smart, brave 10-year- old girl who lives in an area of Tartu called Souptown. Her parents are obsessed with work so she spends most of her time with her grandfather Peeter, a professor at the local university. Mari has 3 best friends and together they form a secret society to play scavenger hunt games that her grandfather invents for them. One day their city is attacked by a mysterious poison that turns adults into children. Our group embarks on an incredible adventure to discover the antidote. Their path is fraught with challenges – they have to run from bullies and hide from a menacing evildoer. Can our children find the antidote and take it to the local hospital within 48 hours to save the lives of their loved ones?


Estonia, 2015, short film

Director: Helen Takkin
Director of Photography: Heiko Sikka
Art Director: Tiiu-Ann Pello

Producer: Esko Rips
Co-producer: Liis Orav
Produced by: NAFTA Films

Elo hates kindergarten. She does not understand why she has to stay in such a prison when an alluring and mysterious life is waiting for her outside. Elo comes up with a plan for how to escape from kindergarten once and for all. One day, however, a new and kind teacher named Helena comes to work there. Elo falls completely in love with her, but will soon also feel her first heartbreak.


Russia-Estonia, 2015, Feature film

Director: Anton Bilzho
Producer: Andrey Bilzho
Screenwriters: Anton Bilzho, Yevgeni Kerov
Co-Producer: Vita Pictura, Julia Mishkinene, Ilya Medovy, Esko Rips
Shooting period: Summer 2015

The Dream Fish is a story about a little man plunging into the abyss of a destructive passion. Roman, a discreet proofreader, comes to the Estonian resort town of Narva-Jõesuu to give himself up to the work of his life—to finish the Encyclopedia of the Baltic Fish, started by his father. Once, while swimming in the sea, Roman begins to drown and is saved by a beautiful girl called Helena. He has no peace since and forgets about everything else.


Estonia, 2014, short film

Director: Kaur Kokk
DOP: Sten-Johan Lill
Production designer: Tiiu-Ann Pello
Producers: Esko Rips
Co-Producer: Kristjan Pütsep


Mention du Jury, Clermont Ferrand Festival

Olga, a lonely parking lot attendant, sweeps up the snow that constantly keeps on falling while waiting for her daughter, who keeps her car there. Little by little, the snowdrifts pile up above Olga's head. When a twist of fate prevents her from meeting her daughter again, all she can do is to see hope where it almost never was before.


Short Film, 2012, Estonia

Director: Margus Paju
DOP: Meelis Veeremets, E.S.C.
Production designer: Kristina Lõuk
Producers: Esko Rips
A motive can simultaneously be an incentive for a crime and a component of the structure of an artwork. My Condolences is a story of a girl’s emancipation with both criminal and artistic motives.


TV Series, 2011, Estonia

Director - Margus Paju
Cinematographer - Meelis Veeremets E.S.C
Production Designer - Jaagup Roomet
Producer - Esko Rips
Executive Producer - Liis Orav
Helmut Kannel is an old Estonian man disappointed in his country. He builds satellites, waiting for a sign from outer space and praying for aliens to take him away. And one day, they do... "IT-Planet" is an IT comedy series about another liberation of Estonia. Spiced up with Men in Black working for the government and words of wisdom from an IT-guru, it reveals secrets about people, aliens, governments and international secret organizations.

A Tale of a Nixie

Estonia, 2011, Short Film

Director: Heleri Saarik
DOP: Meelis Veeremets E.S.C.
Production designer: Jaagup Roomet
Producers: Esko Rips, Evar Anvelt


IFF Edinburgh Official Selection
Short FF “Sleepwalkers” Official Selection
Grand Off Film Festival and Film Awards “Award for best Cinematography”

In the early 19th Century, a young girl, Kaisa, is left in the care of some strange old women while waiting for her father to return from the sea. Feeling lonely and isolated, she is taken under the wing of Ida, the strangest of them all. As their friendship grows, Ida reveals to her the deep dark secrets of the water spirits and sea creatures.


Short Film, 2009, Estonia

Director: Margus Paju
Cinematographer: Meelis Veeremets
Producer: Esko Rips
It's unlikely that something unusual could happen to you when you're taking a taxi in the middle of a rainy night to buy some cigarettes - for example something that would change your monotone days. But reality can also be
unreal and surrealism might be closer than you think especially when you're dealing with love.

Stop Your Friends

Informational short film

Director: Kaur Kokk
Script writer: Martti Helde
DOP: Meelis Veeremets E.S.C.
Production designer: Jaagup Roomet

Producer: Liis Orav, Esko Rips
This film was commissioned by Estonian Rescue Board