"Anti-Lebanon" feature film

"Anti-Lebanon" feature film

  • Looking for: Co-Producer, Financer / pre-sales

  • Diplomatic thriller, drama. Based on real life events.

After unknown assailants kidnap a group of Estonian cyclists in Lebanon, a motley crew of the tiny Nordic nation’s security, espionage, and diplomatic affairs officials find themselves amidst a deadly game of cat-and-mouse outside of their cultural and religious comfort zone. Now, what they desperately need, is to establish a trustworthy network of contacts and in race against time overcome their egos while trying to locate and rescue their fellow countrymen.

  • Genre: Diplomatic thriller

  • Length: 120 min Budget: 3 500 000 € 
    Director: Margus Paju

  • Screenwriter: Lauri Lippmaa

  • author: Tiit Pruuli

  • Co-production opportunity: France, Lebanon, Germany, USA

  • Planned premier: 2019