"DEPARTING FLIGHTS" feature film

"DEPARTING FLIGHTS" feature film

  • Looking for: Co-Producer, Financer / pre-sales

  • Spy thriller feature film. Based on real life events.

Seven Estonian cyclists are kidnapped on the Syrian-Lebanese border. To assist the local officials with investigation, Daniel, a young Estonian diplomat, is commissioned to Beirut. He is assigned to team up with a hard-liner French intelligence service’s chief of station Alain and his charming deputy Anne. Investigation quickly becomes intelligence warfare, where every misplaced particle of trust is turned into a weapon. To retrieve the hostages in the unforgiving Lebanese terrain, Daniel has to learn fast and from the best players. Most of them are looking to destroy him.

  • Genre: Spy thriller

  • Length: 110 min Budget: 2 500 000 € 

  • Screenwriter: TBA Story

  • author: Tiit Pruuli

  • Co-production opportunity: France, Germany, USA

  • Planned premier: 2018