"STRANGER" TV series

"STRANGER" TV series

Spy thriller TV series
Looking for: Financer, Co-Producer, scriptwriter

Malmberg, an experienced espionage agent in his sixties, is given a difficult mission tofind and identify Russian spies working inside Estonian and Finnish intelligence establishments. He’s told to keep an eye on Juha Kankunnen, a Finnish engineer,who’s been seen with a possible Russian spy. Before Malmberg can properly begin his investigation, Juha gets hit by a car in mysterious circumstances and dies. Peoplebelieve that Juha’s death is connected to a certain discovery he made.

Genre: Spy thriller TV series

Length: 6x45 min

Budget: 2 000 000 €

Screenwriter: Markus Ilves & Andreas Kask

Story author: Markus Ilves & Andreas Kask, Mart Laar

Co-production opportunity: USA, Germany, Finland, Sweden

Planned premiere: 2018