Erna At War

Minority Co-Production

It is the summer of 1916 in Denmark and WW1 is shattering Europe. Germany is running low on soldiers and recruits them from the Danish side of the border. A group of soldiers has arrived at Erna’s house to enrol her 17-year-old simple-minded son Kalle to the German war effort. Erna tries her hardest to convince them that Kalle is not fit for war. She is not successful but does manage to convince them to take her to the barracks to speak to the commanding officer herself. When Erna’s request is forcefully rejected, she makes a hazardous decision to cut her hair and swap identity with a deserting soldier to follow Kalle's unit.

She finds his unit but it’s not long before she is discovered. Fearing repercussions, the squad leader Meier, who is quite infatuated with Erna, allows her to hide in the unit with Kalle. When the unit is sent to the frontline trenches and the war rages around them, Erna opens her heart to soldier Anton and for the first time meets an astonishing but forbidden love. Erna At War is a story of a strong-willed woman who will not let a war stop her from protecting what she believes in.

Nafta Films provided production services and financing as a Minority Co-Producer