Feature film

It's 1939. Europe fears an imminent war. Estonia is alone in opposing the aggressive Soviet Union. The captain of Estonian military intelligence (O-2), Feliks, becomes aware that the intelligence information gathered by his agent would save his career but destroy the Estonian independence. Feliks plays the spying game on many fields, one of his opponents being the intelligence service he works for. Feliks can only rely on Toomas, a novice spy working under him, and his own senses that are awakened by a young tennis player named Maria. As the spy game unfolds, Feliks realises that the truth will not only destroy Estonia but also his love. His only weapons are lies and disinformation at which he excels but finds objectionable. The Estonian government signs a treaty with Soviet Union allowing military bases in Estonia. The days of Estonian independence are numbered. Because Estonia has surrendered without a fight, Feliks decides to make a final fighting retreat himself. With the help of young Toomas, a former radio intelligence agent, Feliks begins to break the Soviet Ground Forces code that helps track the movements of all the Red Army units. His aim is to deliver it to Finland who has entered into military conflict with the Soviet Union.
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