Secret Society of Souptown: Cucumber Mafia

TV Series

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Ten-part television serial, which is the spin-off of Estonia’s most successful family film Secret Society of Souptown.

The Secret Society of Souptown (SUSA) is back. The mayor is planning a large shopping centre for Souptown and a “congealed” girl who has crashed like a computer program is found in the Luunja Cucumber Farm. It soon turns out that there are other children like that and among others, SUSA’s computer genius Anton also starts acting strangely. All clues lead to the mayor and once again, Tartu needs to be saved, but the secret society has other things to do. The children have grown older and everyone besides Mari has new interests. To top everything off, Mari’s parents want to move to Tallinn. The Secret Society of Souptown faces a great challenge to grow stronger through changes and to once again save the City of Tartu from doom.

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