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A family comedy about a boy who secretly hires his out-of-work Dad to run a business. When Oliver's father, Artur, loses his job due to corporate downsizing, Timo feels powerless to help him. But after he and his friend Sass come up with an idea in school for a product they call “The Nose”, they send the concept off to a “Shark Tank”-like investment company who agree to fund their start-up to the tune of 1 million dollars. Oliver and Sass are in business! There's only one problem – the investors don't know that they are two 12-year-old boys. Oliver's inspired solution is to hire his father to run the company, solving their credibility problem and giving his father back his confidence. But as Sass points out, Oliver's dad is a proud man and would never work for his adolescent son. Oliver agrees -- but what if his father doesn't know that they are his boss?

TOTALLY BOSS is about a kid who secretly hires his Dad to work for him and the troubles that ensue trying to oversee his father's performance, maintain his middle school existence, all while keeping his corporate life a secret.

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