Short film

A man falls off the roof. A man steps on a rake such that the shaft swings up and hits him in the face. A man sits too close to the fireplace and catches fire. Wherever you look, men drop like flies. This is the life and the death of the men in Virago, a village where no man has lived long enough to see his fortieth birthday. “May God rest their souls,” say the women of Virago and cross themselves. 

Fast forward a quarter century. Suddenly, there is Tõnu - a painstaking but feckless countryman who is about to turn forty. Tõnu’s days pass under dictatorship of his mighty wife Olga, who tirelessly commands her husband to fix their broken blue tractor. Although Tõnu is almost forty, Olga is not too worried about the looming destiny of the men in Virago. But when her husband’s fortieth birthday arrives and Tõnu almost kicks the bucket, Olga loses her calm. It becomes her mission to keep Tõnu alive. She performs CPR on him when he suffers electric shock, she sticks her fingers in his throat when he eats poisonous berries, she removes all hazardous-looking items from his sight, including two “suspicious” red bricks that moments later were supposed to stop the blue tractor from running over her husband… Love kills. Or is the dark destiny that the men of Virago brought onto themselves when they went to hide in the woods from World War II, and turned their backs on their wives and village?

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