Advantages of shooting in Estonia
Lithuania, Latvia and Lapland

The Baltic region has an exciting variety of locations to choose from, plus some key bonuses for film productions from all over the world: short distances and low population density make it easy to shoot up to 4 different locations per day. Film crews are non-union, speak fluent English and are praised for being great problem-solvers. We have a wide variety of cast available, as most Northern European countries do, but at a fraction of our neighbor’s cost. Baltic crews, talent and equipment are the most cost-effective way of shooting in Lapland.

It sounds crazy but if you come to Estonia you can see Paris, Prague or Amsterdam - all at once. City and countryside side by side. Take a look.


Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic States, and the one that most resembles Scandinavia in its modern architecture and Nordic-looking talent. Estonia is known for its pristine nature (forests, bogs, beaches, islands, etc.), while the sun’s low path and long magic hours make it a DOP’s dream.


Latvia is the central country of the Baltic States, and its capital Riga is the biggest city of the three countries. Latvia has a lot of well preserved art-nouveau architecture which can be shot as Paris, London or Prague.


Further south, Lithuania has impressive medieval castles and large stretches of undeveloped beach. Its largest cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, have districts with beautiful modern and Gothic architecture.


Finnish Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland, situated at and above the Arctic Circle. Full snow coverage typically lasts from early November to late April. Forests and lakes occupy large areas of Lapland while the north’s arctic fells offer deforested scenery.


Nafta Films can apply for cash rebates in each of the Baltic States


The Estonian government has just earmarked 2.5 m EUR as their cash rebate budget. You can apply for a refund of up to 30% of local spending. If combined with funding from one of two regional funds, cash rebate can be as high as 50%.


Latvia has also raised the budgets of its international co-production rebates. The cash-rebate budget of the National Film Center, this year totaling €996,000, will be raised to €1.2 million next year, while the Riga Film Fund’s budget for cash rebates this year is €1,140,000.


At the start of 2014, a new 20% location filming incentive became available. Both foreign and local producers can benefit from the scheme. One necessity is that at least 80% of all production spending must be in Lithuania and there’s a maximum amount of funding that cannot exceed 20% of the production costs.

*The cash rebate system is applicable only for feature films, tv series and documentary productions.