Something Real

Feature film

Porn addict Leo, who is desperately looking for a connection, wants to meet up with a young lady he met on a dating platform but falls victim to a blackmail trap set up by Karl, a criminal just out of prison. Leo is a kind-hearted man who has long since given up on ambitious life pursuits and instead lives listlessly in a
suburban terrace house with his with wife Diana and their two children. For a while now, Leo has dreamed of something real and after falling victim to Karl’s extortion scheme, Leo is suddenly faced with something far too real. Something that threatens to take away everything he has. On the other hand, Karl who plans to use his victims to forcefully build a family and future for himself — something he’s never had — slowly finds himself also getting trapped by his own ambitions. Soon both men are faced with an uncertain future that slowly but surely moves towards a violent climax.
“Something real” is based on Martin Algus’ bestselling thriller novel by the same name and tells the story of the confrontation between two men leading completely opposite lives, but does so with irony and ruthlessness. The film touches upon addiction and the need for closeness during uncertain times — in the midst of the fast-paced growing dominance of the virtual world, everyone yearns for something real.