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Even Alice from wonderland would be amazed, how many beautiful places there are to capture in the Baltic States. Be amazed by the scenery and let your mind wander in these magical out-of-this world locations.

advantages that we offer

Versatile possibilities
We have a wide variety of locations, crew, equipment and cast available, as most Northern European countries do, but at a fraction of our neighbours' costs. Baltic crews and equipment are also the most cost-effective way of shooting in Lapland.
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The region
The Baltic states have some key bonuses for film productions from all over the world: short distances and low population density make it easy to shoot up to 4 different locations per day, permits and road blockings are easy to negotiate, and most business- and home-owners are ready to welcome film crews into their properties.
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Film crews
  • ... are non-union;
  • ... speak fluent English;
  • ... are praised for being great problem-solvers.
Cash rebates
Nafta Films can apply for cash rebates in each of the Baltic States. Please note that they are applicable only to feature films, TV series, documentary productions and short films. 
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