Cash Rebates & Funds

The Film Estonia production incentive supports the production of feature films, feature documentaries, short films, animation films, animation series, high-end TV dramas and the post-production of all before mentioned works. An application can be made for international production services or co-productions to receive a cash rebate of up to 30% on eligible production costs.

Which projects qualify?

The incentive is open for:

  • feature films with a budget of at least € 1 million;
  • feature animation films with a budget of at least € 2 million;
  • short animation films with a budget of at least € 250 000;
  • animation series with an overall budget of at least € 500 000;
  • high-end TV dramas with a budget of at least € 200 000 per episode;
  • feature documentary films with a budget at least € 200 000.

When to apply?

There are no application deadlines, producers can apply at any time during the year. The term for processing the applications is up to 30 days.

Budget and cash rebate

The level of support is determined by the amount of Estonian production costs that are both eligible and directly spent on parties that are subject to Estonian taxation, multiplied by 20%, 25% or 30%.

When can you expect payment?

The report on costs is audited within 30 days of the submission by the applicant of the documents. The payment is made within 10 days of the date of approval of the report.


The Tartu Film Fund is budgeted at € 150 000 annually.

Estonian production companies providing production services for international film projects are eligible to apply for funding. Under the scheme, the cash rebate for a single project is 10-20% of eligible costs incurred in the Tartu area. This will be issued after production is completed and the project is audited.

The eligibility for funding will be assessed by a committee comprising of an experienced film producer, representatives of the Tartu City Government, the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and the Estonian Film Institute.

You can find terms and conditions here.


Viru Film Fund is based in the Eastern region of Estonia, known for its large-scale industrial and mining infrastructure but also swathes of untouched natural habitats.

The amount of the support (cash rebate) is determined by the locally incurred costs for any audio-visual productions. The fund aims for maximum flexibility, with no minimum spend requirements and no artistic criteria imposed on applicants. There are no deadlines – projects will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

The fund is open to legal entities with an established track record in professional audiovisual production, but has no restrictions as per legal residency.

Since 2019 the annual budget is € 200 000.

You can find more information here.


The Baltic region has an exciting variety of locations to choose from, plus some key bonuses for film productions from all over the world: short distances and low population density make it easy to shoot up to 4 different locations per day. Film crews are non-union, speak fluent English and are praised for being great problem solvers.

It sounds crazy but if you come to Estonia you can see Paris, Prague or Amsterdam – all at once. City and countryside side by side. Come to us, we have it all!

Riga town square. Photo by: Alexander Nuovo


  • Estonia

    The Estonian government has just earmarked € 2.5 million as their cash rebate budget. You can apply for a refund of up to 30% of local spending. If combined with funding from one of the two additional regional funds, cash rebate can be as high as 50%.
  • Latvia

    The National Film Centre of Latvia offers up to 25% and the Riga Film Fund offers up to 20% in cash rebates – depending on whether the storyline is set in Latvia or if Latvian services are being used. 

  • Lithuania

    At the start of 2014, a new 20% location filming incentive became available. Both foreign and local producers can benefit from the scheme, given that at least 80% of all production spending is made in Lithuania. There’s also a maximum amount of funding that cannot exceed 20% of the production costs.

    * The cash rebate system is not applicable to commercial production.