The Good Shepherd

Ibrahim’s family has been farmers for several generations. His main sources of income are raising sheep and cultivating grain. He lives with his family in a little mountain village in the Middle East. The last couple of years in this conflict-ridden region, however, have been particularly miserable. Endless drought has ravaged his fields and the harvests have been poor. Illnesses have struck his flock, causing many of his animals to perish. There does not appear to be any end in sight for all this misfortune. One day, Ibrahim’s younger brother Omar calls him in a rather carefree tone of voice asking to use the auxiliary building at the edge of their father’s farm for something Ibrahim doesn’t want to hear anything about.

Additionally to the short film we are planning to produce a VR film “Cherry Trees of Beqaa” based on the same story. Cherry Trees of Beqaa is a 10-minute virtual reality short movie experience loosely based on the real life experience of 7 Estonian cyclists held captive by terrorists in Beqaa Valley in Lebanon for 4 months in 2011.


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